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Gaited Morgan Horse Magazine

Gaited Morgans Association Magazine provides numerous monthly updates focusing on Horse Care, Gait, Gaited Horsemanship, Training, Trail Riding and Member News and Member information.


Canter - Video narrated by Ashley Griffin University of Kentucky

Diagnosing Gait irregularities - Gait refers to any thing from the walk through the pace.

Finding the Holy Grail--Riding Gaited in a Snaffle Bit--Larry Whitesell - Annette was asked to write about her Larry Whitesell Clinic experience. She tells a story of a life experience with various riding techniques and perceptions of how gaited horses should be ridden. It is amazing when you watch the Larry Whitesell videos or his clinic how a well trained gaited horse from the ground up does not need excessive use of a bit to get the best positive results in riding enjoyment for both rider and horse. Highlight the Title to read.

Four of the Saddle Gaits - "Four of the Saddle Gaits" from Randall is in Battell's American Stallion Register. Volume 1 introduction page CIXXVI

Fox Trot - You can find a definition/description at along with videos. You can also find the foxtrot demonstrated in a series of gaits on Gaited Morgan Horse magazine in this same section as a combination. Just like to make a note when the two diagonals are on the ground after sit down of the rear first and then the front initially they are at the same angle as the mark up in the definition, but as the other diagonals lift off and swing through notice the angles of diagonals on the ground will be different.

Gallop - Presented by Ashley Griffin University of Kentucky

Observations on the Inheritance of Intermediate Gaits - The author cautions, the comments are not based on an analysis. Only anecdotal observations of three people that are very interested in the subject and spent some time studying, thinking and talking to each other about it. These three are recognized by many as authorities in various areas of Gaited Horses in general. Highlight the Bold Title to read the article.

Rack - paste the url into your browser to see an illustration of the rack/sometimes referred to as the single foot.

Rack - Footfall Sequence of the Tolt/Rack - The Icelander does the tolt/which is their name for the rack. This articles shows the 1 2 support sequence of the legs

Rack - The Footfall of the tolt (Rack) - Another illustration of the support sequence through multiple stills.

Rack - Tolt, A Gait on the Forehand - This illustrates and gives definition of the Forehand and the horse and rider being in balance.

Trot - Narrated by Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky.

Gaited Horsemanship

Jennifer and Cantering
Jennifer and cantering

Had great question from someone who was asking about canter and how to help their horse without a rider, hope you enjoy!!

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Part 1: How you hold the reins and how it affects the horse.

Part 1. How you hold the reins and how it affects the horse.

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Monday, December 21, 2015

Part 2: How holding the reins affects how the horse moves.

Part 2. How holding the reins affects how the horse moves.

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rooster Part 1

Here is the video for the week. We were going to try to do a sequence with a horse but due to unforeseen circumstances we were only able to do two, but we will try again with another horse:) Hope you guys enjoy the video and videos to come. Happy trails- -- Jennifer and Larry

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Friday, August 7, 2015

Use of Outside Rein

Hey everybody its Jennifer:). Did a short video on how to do spiral in and out and how we use the aides. This is a great exercise for horse who get excited when we ask for more energy and they just keep getting faster without us holding them back but instead moving them around. I start always at walk but then may add speed. Hope you can hear me, I only had my phone over here in Germany!!

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Video - Larry Whitesell Gaited Horsemanship Part 1 Aides

This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Larry is going to be describing the aides and the amount we use those aides. In part 3 Jennifer will be describing in the saddle the amount and use of the aides.

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Friday, November 6, 2015

Video - Larry Whitesell Gaited Horsemanship Part 2 Seat

Part 2, Larry discussion

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Friday, November 6, 2015

Video - Larry Whitesell Gaited Horsemanship Part 3 Jennifer

Part 3 with Jennifer:)

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Saturday, November 7, 2015


Bit - The Bridle & the Bit - This is taken from a Dressage blog. It is a very comprehensive coverage of all bit types, nose bands, and curbs to name a few items. But is also has nav bar loaded with other topics like the "Collection" which many folks forget. The bit works the same whether you are riding dressage or pleasure on the trail. It is a long read, but probably will answer most of your questions on the bit--how it functions.

Trail Riding




Emergency Dismount
In the event of having to leave the horses back as a necessity for your personal safety a little forethought and planning might be beneficial.

Preparing for Trail Obstacle
Charles Wilhelm demonstrates how to prepare for navigating hills and crossing bridges.