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Gaited Morgan Horse Magazine

Gaited Morgans Association Magazine provides numerous monthly updates focusing on AMHA Clubs Newsletter, Horse Care, Member News and Member information.

AMHA Clubs Newsletter

AMHA News Briefs - Highlight the words AMHA News Briefs and select the items you want to review.




Bit - The Bridle & the Bit - This is taken from a Dressage blog. It is a very comprehensive coverage of all bit types, nose bands, and curbs to name a few items. But is also has nav bar loaded with other topics like the "Collection" which many folks forget. The bit works the same whether you are riding dressage or pleasure on the trail. It is a long read, but probably will answer most of your questions on the bit--how it functions.


Canter - Video narrated by Ashley Griffin University of Kentucky

Diagnosing Gait irregularities - Gait refers to any thing from the walk through the pace.

Finding the Holy Grail--Riding Gaited in a Snaffle Bit--Larry Whitesell - Annette was asked to write about her Larry Whitesell Clinic experience. She tells a story of a life experience with various riding techniques and perceptions of how gaited horses should be ridden. It is amazing when you watch the Larry Whitesell videos or his clinic how a well trained gaited horse from the ground up does not need excessive use of a bit to get the best positive results in riding enjoyment for both rider and horse. Highlight the Title to read.

Four of the Saddle Gaits - "Four of the Saddle Gaits" from Randall is in Battell's American Stallion Register. Volume 1 introduction page CIXXVI

Fox Trot - You can find a definition/description at along with videos. You can also find the foxtrot demonstrated in a series of gaits on Gaited Morgan Horse magazine in this same section as a combination. Just like to make a note when the two diagonals are on the ground after sit down of the rear first and then the front initially they are at the same angle as the mark up in the definition, but as the other diagonals lift off and swing through notice the angles of diagonals on the ground will be different.

Gallop - Presented by Ashley Griffin University of Kentucky

Observations on the Inheritance of Intermediate Gaits - The author cautions, the comments are not based on an analysis. Only anecdotal observations of three people that are very interested in the subject and spent some time studying, thinking and talking to each other about it. These three are recognized by many as authorities in various areas of Gaited Horses in general. Highlight the Bold Title to read the article.

Rack - paste the url into your browser to see an illustration of the rack/sometimes referred to as the single foot.

Rack - Footfall Sequence of the Tolt/Rack - The Icelander does the tolt/which is their name for the rack. This articles shows the 1 2 support sequence of the legs

Rack - The Footfall of the tolt (Rack) - Another illustration of the support sequence through multiple stills.

Rack - Tolt, A Gait on the Forehand - This illustrates and gives definition of the Forehand and the horse and rider being in balance.

Trot - Narrated by Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky.

Gaited Horsemanship

Gaited Horsemanship

Jennifer and Cantering
Jennifer and cantering

Had great question from someone who was asking about canter and how to help their horse without a rider, hope you enjoy!!

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Part 1: How you hold the reins and how it affects the horse.

Part 1. How you hold the reins and how it affects the horse.

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Monday, December 21, 2015

Part 2: How holding the reins affects how the horse moves.

Part 2. How holding the reins affects how the horse moves.

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rooster Part 1

Here is the video for the week. We were going to try to do a sequence with a horse but due to unforeseen circumstances we were only able to do two, but we will try again with another horse:) Hope you guys enjoy the video and videos to come. Happy trails- -- Jennifer and Larry

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Friday, August 7, 2015

Use of Outside Rein

Hey everybody its Jennifer:). Did a short video on how to do spiral in and out and how we use the aides. This is a great exercise for horse who get excited when we ask for more energy and they just keep getting faster without us holding them back but instead moving them around. I start always at walk but then may add speed. Hope you can hear me, I only had my phone over here in Germany!!

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Video - Larry Whitesell Gaited Horsemanship Part 1 Aides

This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Larry is going to be describing the aides and the amount we use those aides. In part 3 Jennifer will be describing in the saddle the amount and use of the aides.

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Friday, November 6, 2015

Video - Larry Whitesell Gaited Horsemanship Part 2 Seat

Part 2, Larry discussion

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Friday, November 6, 2015

Video - Larry Whitesell Gaited Horsemanship Part 3 Jennifer

Part 3 with Jennifer:)

Posted by Gaited Horsemanship on Saturday, November 7, 2015


Alternative Therapy - Post the following to your browser to read



How to Wrap a Horse's Legs - copy the following url into your browser to watch.

Taking Your Horse's Temperature the url into your browser to view.


Barefoot horse - Paste the following url in your browser to read.

Horse Purchases

Buying a Horse - Buying Your First Horse - Reprinted wiht permission


Pastures - Earlier Growth in 2012 - Mare dangers, founder and colic.

Stable & Farm Management

Stable & Farm Management

10 Biosecurity Concerns - Recently a barn in Kentucky was struck by a toxin loosing several horses and some are still under intensive care at the location and noted vet facilities. This article might be of interest on how to control issues at your facilities.

Keep Ammonia Away - During the winter months we always are worried about the cold and protection of the horse. But there are problems also possible from ammonia with the weather and closed barns.

Trail Riding


Collect your horse in ONE LESSON!!! Ragusion Episode 1
Our goal is to present various thoughts on how to train. This is just another example of how to collect, work with your horse as a partner and use of various tack and thoughts on the round pen diameter.

Emergency Dismount
In the event of having to leave the horses back as a necessity for your personal safety a little forethought and planning might be beneficial.

Hollow Back Correction video is very good at showing a butt high young horse which shows a hollow back. Plus gives some good explanations/exercises to help alleviate. But question was part of this caused by starting to young and not understanding saddle fit.

Preparing for Trail Obstacle
Charles Wilhelm demonstrates how to prepare for navigating hills and crossing bridges.

Teaching Your Horse Stall Manners - This is a very good video on having the horse respect your space and to insure you are safe around the horse.

Training to Tie - Jonathan Field gives the process to train your horse to tie. It has both written explanation and video presentation.

Member News

2014-04-22 - Journey Farm Morgans -- Mother Earth News Fair

2014-04-22 - Journey Farm Morgans -- Mother Earth News Fair

2014-04-18 Westwind Joaquin
Westwind Joaquin was ridden for the first time 90 days ago as of Friday. Went to see his weekly training progress and shoot some shots near the river. But there was a surprise presented by Joaquin and the trainer. Joaquin is a heterozygous black and a non notable by physical markings or eyes, but DNA verified splash white gene carrier. Owned by Jellico Farms Naturally Gaited Morgans 502-647-1572

2014-04-18 Westwind Joaquin
After Joaquin demonstrated his ability to handle the obstacle course, he was then ridden down to the river bottoms to do some minimum trail activities. He normally fords the river at 2 to 3 feet. But it had flooded a few days before and was up between 6 to 10 feet. But the 3 mares and 1 stallion along the edge of the 80 acre river bottoms kept calling and screaming.

2013-11-26 I can always rely on Saracen to - This is Debbie Strong's horse in the Piney Woods of NE Texas. Click on the date to see Saracen.

2013-11-09 - New York Horse Council Annual Ride Brookfield.

2013-10-11 - Sabine Dickel and Buck Snorts Sweet Violet in harness on a drive.

2013-09-02 Jellico Go Daddy
Auggie and Beckie of Reau Morgans purchased this colt as a weanling. He is now a yearling and showing some of his go in this short slide show.

2013-08-19 Black/Splash Gaited Morgan Stallion
Jellico Farms got Westwind Joaquin from 2w Morgans of Bozeman, MT. He is the possible hybrid outcross for the heavily line bred older Gaited Morgan lines.

2013-07-04 Horse Color Genetics Jennifer M. Murdock - Jennifer posted an interesting software program developed by Jennifer Hoffman to show the genetics of each color in a horse. If you ever questioned, what are the genetics of any color and what they mean. This software program will visually show the results.

2013-05-16 Mother's Day Ride by Kathleen Fisher - Sometimes things happen and people have to improvise a solution. It helps when you have a well trained horse to assist in a calm manner. This is a must read story.

2013-01-15 Jellico Twilight Morn
This video is presented for those who adore young foals and those who always wanted a foal from their favorite mare. I will overtime develop further slide shows to chronicle the development of this future broodmare in our Jellico Farms herd. She has lot of attitude, but also likes to be touched and loved by humans and other horses.

2012-10-31 NuChance A New Beginning - Paula Dennis' daughter lost her home during Hurricane Irene and the family also lost horses and the 6 year old daughter's pony. This is the story of the optimistic family.

2012-08-06 Arapho Leah, 1998, 15 2
EastWest Morgans. We really do ride with saddles sometimes. If we do not feel comfortable riding them bareback with just a halter, they are not ready for a saddle. We stopped by our little arena to take pictures of her and others when we were bringing them down from the pasture to get their teeth done. The rider is our equine dentist. He started colts on the tracks years ago and still rides bareback broncs at the rodeo once in awhile for fun.

2012-08-03 - Debbie Strong has writeen an article providing an overview of digital art. She references programs, sources to seek out future info. Plus examples are included of some uses of digial art. Those who say I am not computer literate --- just experiment and see what you can do!

2012-08-01 - ACTHA CTC - Some may know about this trail riding event, but for those which do not this is a quick overview. Anne had mentioned this to a couple of us over the last year. So she was asked to write an introduction to this activity which any person on a horse from child to older and all riding abilities can enjoy. Recommend you look at all the urls and especially Rick Lamb participating in a ride. If you have never watched him on RFD TV, he is very easy to follow and explains the 6 trail riding obstacles. Also note for those unable to ride any longer, this might be an activity for you to participate in as a judge or assist in the set up.

2012-07-19 Update on Projects - Jellico Farms started updates to the farm in March 2012 to include a new hay barn, fencing, addition to barn and removal of a non function pond. Highlight the bold date time group to view a slide show of the changes.

2012-05-25 Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans Daily Acitivities - The last three weeks have been a three ring circus with numerous happenings.

2012-05-18 EastWEst Morgans
BJ goes through a process of what most would call "natural horsemanship" in the training of her horses. She and Max do all the training from the ground through saddling and trail training. Please note the horses being lead are four year olds and not been saddle trained. Plus look at the bits which are not in the mouth of the two lead horses being ridden. It leads to a second point. It is the training and not the mouth which guides a horse and lead them to be fine performance horses for personal use.

2012-04-12 Meet Yourself Coming and Going - A few days ago it was time to take some photos of the new foals. So had the camera inside the cab of the tractor as I was cleaning stalls. I saw this image in the windshield and thought it might be interesting to see. It shows the rock road coming down to the aisle and the green grass outside. The four of the stalls and the run in at the far side of the barn. And the image of myself. I think a good title might be "Meeting yourself coming and going." Click on the date/title to see the picturs.

2012-04-03 Jellico Rhiannon - Jellico Rhiannon born 6 a.m. 30 March 2012 shown at 6 hours of age. She has some unusal facial markings and one hind right sock--two for two palomino fillies so far this year.

2012-03-22 Jellico Mattie - Filly by Silvershoe Sundance out of Mary Mels Peaches

2012-03-14 Grandmother's Horses - Adrienne Youngblood is participating in an historical journey starting May 12, 2012 at Fort Reno, OK and terminating 1391 miles later in Lane Deer, MT July 28, 2012. There will be stops as ID in the article and people are invited to join along the route. Please read the article to see the signifiance of the journey and see if they are coming near to your location.

2012-01-09 Road Apple Gang - Paula Goins tells of friends joining togther to plan annual trail rides and attend other horse related activities.

2011-11-01 Paula Dennis Receives NYSHC Erica Raab Award - This is not to be copied or used without the permission of the website owner.

2011-10-25 Paula Dennis Trail Ride
Paula Dennis, her daughter and grand daughter with oher members of the Gaited Morgans Association attended the Annual Ride of the New York Horse Council at Brookfield, NY Fairgrounds. Video is of their ride out on the adjoining trails. Just click the play arrow to view.

2011-10-21 Pinnacle of Versatility - Recently you received by email thoughts on using all sources available to advertise and sell your Gaited Morgan. There are those sales which come from the points discussed in this article. Additionally sales can be attributed to just doing a good job of promoting the Gaited Morgan. This promotion can be as described in this article or just the contacts you have on a daily basis with others. Highlight the title to read.

2011-08-26 Texas Drought - Everyone has probably read and seen pictures on television of the devastating drought in Texas. Debbie was asked to prepare a power point presentation of how it is affecting her and the horses. Other portions of the country are currently drowning in flood waters and others are in some state of drought.

2011-07-28 Jellico Callie - Iowa rescue mare B Bar D Wendys Maia arrived at Jellico Farms December 2, 2010. It was believed she was in foal, but sire was unknown or breeding dates were unknown. She had some major health issues due to the previous owner being unable to support some 41 horses correctly. The months passed and a filly was born July 19, 2011. She was small, but healthy. Attached you will see a 3 day old picture. Her dam is by Mary Mels Fudger and out of Omars Wendy. These are gaited grandparents, but Maia and the Callie show no gait at this time. Click on the title to see the picture.

2011-07-08 Debbie's Horses - Debbie Strong is a military retiree, lives in Eastern Texas and teaches at a local University. Please Highlight the title to read the article

2011-05-15 Ride After School - Auggie and Becky Deschepper are proud grandparents. He sent some pictures and a short narrative of his ride with granddaughter Megan yesterday. Highlight the title to read his comments.

2011-03-11 Judging Specifics for the Gaited Morgan - Chapter 20 Independent Judges Association Rule Book used by the FOSH was written with certain concepts being covered. The most important of these was the safety of the rider and horse. Read the rest of the endeavors covered in this chapter by highlighting the bold title.

2010-10-25 Gunner In Command and Paula Dennis - One of the interesting points of this article is the involvement of three generations of family in the love of horses. Click on the title to read. Can not be used without the permission of the website owner.

2010-08-08 Boyhood Dream - Last month we got a weanling colt from Canada. You can read the fulfillment of a boyhood dream. Also the unique potential this colt has in terms of colors. Just copy and paste the following url in your browser to view:

2010-04-22 Peaches
Jellico Farms has been looking for several years to find a daughter of Jan Mabie Pace for breeding to a grandson of Jan Mabie Pace. Both Silvershoe Highlander and Silvershoe Sundance are grandsons. Color was not a factor, but the type and disposition were first considerations followed by gait capabilities in selecting a mare.

Mary Mels Peaches was purchased by Janis Bailey as a two year old based on my recommendation. We had not communicated for a couple of years and I saw the mare advertised on Dream Horse and was fortunate to be the first caller who came to agreement for the purchase of Peaches.

She will be bred this year to Sundance and Highlander the next year. This is classic line breeding of grandson to daughter.

Click on the Bold Lettering Peaches to see a photo of the mare under saddle.

2010-04-16 South Dakota Horse Expo Demo - Gaited Morgan - Member Pat Haynes showed her gaited Morgan Rambo during the March South Dakota Horse Expo. He was one of the three Morgans in the Morgan Breed Demonstration. Pat showed Rambo with only a halter/lead rope to demonstrate a "Naturally Gaited Morgan. Paste the following url in your browser and enjoy.