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Gaited Morgans - Versatility

The Gaited Morgans are versatile and can serve their owners in many different areas. These are only a small sample of the ways current Gaited Morgans are being used.

Naturally Gaited from Birth.  Naturally Gaited Morgans are not man made to gait.  They are born gaiting and only get stronger with maturity of their bodies.  These horses have been specifically bred from known gaited stock, registered Morgans, for several generations.  The origins of gait within the Morgan breed is really a mystery with many speculations.  But the gait within Morgans has been observed since the beginning of the  breed.

Naturally Gaited from Birth

Pleasure. Gaited Morgans can be used for all the pleasure activities for which non gaited horses are noted: The difference is the smooth ride for those wishing not to be jarred by those trotting horses. Gaited Morgans being used for Pleasure
Gaited Pleasure Horses
Show Opportunity. Gaited Morgans can enter open classes at any gaited show.  If the Gaited Morgan has been cross registered in other Gaited Breed registeries, then the horse can enter the classes of this particular breed as a registered horse of the breed.  These opportunities of cross registering depend upon the various Gaited Breed registeries which have open books, or if the breed registery is based on successfully performing the gaits through a certification process.  Gaited Morgans can also enter Gaited Morgan classes as described in the Independent Judges Association Rulebook.  These classes are held at Friends of Sound Horses, FOSH shows, across the United States.  There are opportunities for those wishing to show. 

Showing Gaited Morgans
Showing Gaited Morgans

Specialty Training.  The Gaited Morgan has the temperament to accomplish specialized training.  These pictures show the ability of the horse to perform endurance events, be a trick horse and display the highest level of rider control without the use of a bridle.  There are also Gaited Morgans which have been trained to work rodeo events, ranch work, dressage, packing out big game, jumping and almost any discipline you can imagine.

Special Training of Gaited Morgans
Special Training of Gaited Morgans